Midlife Crisis Midlife Transformation
Last night I conjured up the courage to share my unconventional truth with someone. And instead of being met with this person’s unconditional love and support, his response was “You must be having a midlife crisis”.

A midlife crisis!!!???

Um… NO!

Listening to your inner wisdom, trusting yourself, and staying true yourself is NOT a midlife crisis. It is a midlife AWAKENING… and an opportunity for liberation.

One of the best ways I know to empower myself to speak and live my truth, is to witness and be inspired by other women’s courageous stories of listening to their inner wisdom, conjuring up courage to live the life they desire – even in the face of fear –  and emerging stronger, more resilient, and more powerful than ever before.

Like a Phoenix, I have personally walked through the fires of transformation many times to release all that has not served my highest good. And as scary as this is, it allows me to live more and more in alignment with my heart’s wisdom and soul’s path. And, for me, that’s the most freeing + blissful way of living and serving.

Midlife Crisis Midlife Transformation

That’s why I am excited to share a powerful and life-changing book with you.

Where ever you may be on your midlife journey, Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health & Success, is sure to be a sacred reminder that you are here to honor your soul’s whispers.

This brand new collection of 29 transformative stories, published by my friend, Publisher Linda Joy, of Inspired Living Publishing will stir your soul and open your eyes to your sacred truth.

The heart-opening stories in Midlife Transformation reveal the miracles that happen when a woman makes an empowered choice to release the weight of her past, step out of the shadows, and embrace a life that fully honors her sacred truth.

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On every page, you’ll discover the intimate stories of women who found the courage to follow the whispers of their hearts, move through the darkness of fear and doubt, and embrace their purpose, passion, and calling. It’s so yummy and inspiring!

As Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher Colette Baron-Reid shared in her endorsement,

“It takes courage to steps through your fears and trust the wisdom of your soul. The powerful stories shared in Midlife Transformation will remind you that when you harness your personal power, commit to living authentically, partner with the Divine, and bravely venture into the uncharted, magic happens.”

Midlife Crisis Midlife Transformation

Order a copy today!

I am thrilled to support the authors in this inspiring book, many who are my friends.

May you experience again and again the beauty and magic that happens when you listen to your heart and courageously live in alignment with soul’s path.

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