Weight Watchers Points for Halloween Candy

Weight Watchers Points for Halloween Candy The Connecticut Pos has a list of how many points each piece of Halloween candy is on their Recipe Box blog. I thought it was so useful that I’m also posting the list on EvolvingStacey.com. All credit goes to Ruth Fantasia at ctpost.com.

I find this really interesting because I’ve been counting each fun size piece of candy as 2 points and see here that some are definitely higher than 2 points.

  • Almond Joy, snack size = 2 Points Plus
  • Baby Ruth bar, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • Bit-O-Honey, 1 piece = 1 Points Plus, 6 pieces = 4 Points Plus
  • Butterfinger, fun size = 3 Points Plus
  • Candy corn, 20 pieces = 4 Points Plus
  • Charms Blow Pop, 1 pop = 2 Points Plus
  • Nestle Crunch, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • Dots, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • Gummi Bears, 14 pieces = 3 Points Plus
  • Heath Bar, snack size = 7 Points Plus
  • Hersheys milk chocolate bar, snack size = 6 Points Plus
  • Hersheys miniatures, any flavor, 5 pieces = 6 Points Plus
  • Kit-Kat, snack size, three 2-piece bars = 6 Points Plus
  • Lemonheads, fun-size, 1 pouch = 1 Points Plus
  • M&Ms milk chocolate, fun size, 1 package  = 2 Points Plus
  • M&Ms peanut, fun size, 1 package  = 3 Points Plus
  • M&Ms milk chocolate, fun size, 1 package  = 2 Points Plus
  • Mounds, fun size = 3 Points Plus
  • Nerds, 1 box = 1 Points Plus
  • Oh Henry!, miniature = 2 Points Plus
  • Pay Day, fun size = 3 Points Plus
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, 2 = 6 Points Plus
  • Reese’s Pieces, 51 pieces = 5 Points Plus
  • Skittles, original fruit, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • Snickers, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • Take 5, fun size = 6 Points Plus
  • Tootsie Roll midgets, 6 pieces = 4 Points Plus
  • Twix, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • Twizzler Twists, fun size = 4 Points Plus
  • Whoppers, fun size = 2 Points Plus
  • York Peppermint Patty, fun size = 1 Points Plus

How are You Allocating Your Points for Halloween?

Creative Commons License photo credit: EJP Photo

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  • Liz @ Southern Charm

    LOVE THIS! What a great idea to have all the points! It will totally keep me from going into my work’s candy drawer since I know BEFORE what I’d be getting in to!

  • Stacey

    Liz – That is exactly why I posted this list. I am allowing myself to eat Halloween candy, but this list is keeping me (and my points) in check!

  • TaQuinda Marie

    This is great!! I just started WW so this helped tremendously.

  • Lindsey

    Hi stacey

  • Lindsey

    hi Stacy, I am actually on Weight Watchers right now and I would love to get tips ideas just have someone that understands what I’m going through. Talk to you soon Lindsey

  • Tammy

    Hi Stacey,

    I’m a Weight Watchers Leader and I’ll be handing this out this week. I ALWAYS have this handy and always give copies to my members. I’m a Professional Chocolate Eater!! 😉 BUT as long as you count it, you can certainly have what you want. You certainly ROCK for taking time to type this!! Thanks a bunch!

  • Amy Delarm

    Thank you so much for posting this…my daughter and I joined WW 2 weeks ago…she has three little ones who went Trick or Treating so you can imagine the abundance of candy at her house. I’m really proud of her she’s doing AWESOME, and this will help her and myself get through those cravings for chocolate !

  • Lisa

    Huh… the app says 4. I’ll take 2 any day!

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