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Tired of people still asking you how the baby is kicking or when you are due?
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It’s been 2 years, 5 months, 24 days, 10 hours, and 75 pounds since I delivered my second son. He was healthy and beautiful and ounces away from weighing ten pounds.

And for the last 2 years, 5 months, 24 days, and 10 hours I have continuously been harassed by strangers with questions and comments insinuating that I am still pregnant. To give you some insight, I’m going to start this week with a top ten list.

I’ll continue my belly journey this week as I celebrate reaching my Weight Watchers goal weight and my fears of what’s next (the need to maintain). I’ll also be exploring the realities moms have to face with their post pregnancy bodies. One of my realities is that I still look pregnant after 2+ years and after hitting my goal weight.

Top Ten Signs I May Always Look Pregnant
(To be clear, I am and was NOT pregnant during the following circumstances)

10. During an aerobics class, the instructor walked up to me in the middle of class and asked me (with her loud microphone) if I was expecting my first child.

9. A homeless person on the street asked me how the baby was kicking.

8. When I was assigned an exit row seat on an airplane I was told by a flight attendant “You obviously cannot sit in an exit row because you are pregnant.”

7. The dental hygienists assumed I couldn’t get teeth x-rays because she thought I was pregnant.

6. During a job interview the woman asked me when my baby was due (yes, this is illegal).

5. The first day of my art class, the instructor asked me when I was expecting.

4.  While watching my son during his swimming class, another mother asked me when I was expecting.

Note: People never speak to me again once they have implied that I’m pregnant. They stop making eye contact! It’s like I’m stuck in a Seinfeld episode.

3. The nurse at the doctor’s office (just last week) asked me if I was pregnant. At first I thought it was a standard question until she apologized and was embarrassed after I told her I was not pregnant.

2. Walking with my kids at the airport, someone stopped me and asked “How do you do it with two kids and one in the oven?”

1. During a family photo shoot, the professional photographer asked me to suck my stomach in before he snapped a picture. His wife quickly replied “Dear, you can’t suck in a baby”.

This is your moment!
Am I the only one who gets “accused” of being pregnant? Have you (or your wife) ever experienced this awkward situation? Why don’t these people just think I have a fat stomach and give me a break!?!

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  • SuburbHouseWife

    Stacey, I never guessed you had so many comments like that. Mine has only been a few and since then I always stayed home so I never heard anyone mention or ask. Mine looked as if I was in my 1st trimester and it was really embarrassing. I always (to this day) try to wear big shirts until I get rid of it. I am thinking that maybe there could be weak abdominal muscles for most women but I don’t know if there is something that can be done, exercise? surgery? I haven’t done enough exercises to really think that I have weak abdominal muscles. I think I just stored lots of fat but I will see eventually. I am just flabbergasted about your whole situation (((*Hugz*))) to you girl! You are a real trooper about it all. I think back if I would have had it any different, I would say “no”. My kids are so worth the crap we put up with from outsiders. Everyday I look at my kids, I melt with happiness. Screw my bell-eh! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Marie

    Hey, look on the bright side, at least you were pregnant at one point. I was just told I look pregnant, I’ve never been.

    .-= Marie´s last blog ..::insert swear word:: =-.

  • KJB

    This has happened to me four times, all said to me by customers at my jobs. I have always been fat, and I have a big belly. Needless to say, I hate customers. Two of them obviously have mental retardation, so I guess I forgive them. But yesterday a woman getting paint from me (I work as a paint-mixer in a big box store) and she says “It must be hard standing on concrete all day”. I get this type of thing all the time so I respond ‘Yeah, I suppose so.” And then she asks me if my back is ok. I say “I don’t really have back problems…” and then she asks me “When are you due?”
    I couldn’t say anything. But after I gave her the paint and left, I bawled my eyes out. It made me want to die.

  • a gray

    sadly this happens to me all the time, I had two back surgries and gained 50 lbs, and went from fine to fat. I don’t have your sense of humor it makes me cry. I have no children, and I work out everyday and have been changing to healthy eating habits for the last year. Nothing helps.

  • Leah A.

    Hi, I’m 18 years old and i have the same problem. I find it very annoying when i get comments from my own family members. I haven’t yet found if its a disease or anything like that, I would like to know if you know anything about it. Maybe surgery I dont know. I’ve never ever been pregnant. So I have no diagnosis.

  • Brittany

    i am 21 years old and 18 months postpartum and i still look prego! ugh i hate it so bad! im so self conscious over it, its seems like ever time i look in the mirror or see my reflextion the first thing i see is my belly sticking out and trying to suck it in all the time gets frustrating and i sometimes forget to, but i hate being asked if im pregnant!!!! i got the mirena IUD and sometimes i wonder if that may be the problem maybe making me bloated all the time or something..i dunno but im a skinny person everywhere but my belly i feel like my body is so out of proportion!!! any advice??????????

  • BLD

    Thanks for writing this. Just this morning a coworker asked me when I was due. I had my son 7 months ago. Before he said that I was feeling pretty good because I lost a few more pounds. UGH.

  • Angelfish

    I have never had any children and never intend to, although, I have been asked several times “when is it due”, even a police officer who caught me for speeding (oops) asked me if I am “with child”. I find this insulting as my belly has always bothered me. I used to think it was all in my mind until certain comments where made. Am I abnormal?? It upsets me to the point that I am thinking about it all the time. I am 5ft 3″ 11 stone, yes, I know, I am over weight but, even when I was 9 stone, the belly was still too big to me.

  • Mandy

    I am heavy and carry my weight in my stomach but I don’t think I particularly look pregnant. To me, I just look fat. I am already extremely self conscious about this and then I get asked when I am due or some other variation of the question. Just today I was all dressed up, thinking I looked nice when a family friend came up to me and said, “honey are you having another baby?” Mind you, this is the same woman who came into my work three weeks ago and asked one of my coworkers if I was having another baby! If I wasn’t pregnant three weeks ago, I’m not pregnant now! I’m never eating again….

  • Taisha

    A lady at the bus stop asked me how far along i was because my shirt was big. i weighed less than 100 pounds and she still would not believe i wasnt pregnant! it was embarrasing

  • Kevin

    OMG, that is so embarrassing. Don’t you just feel like slapping them when they call you pregnant?

  • Egret

    I’m 7 mos pp with my first child. I always had a flat tummy and large hips. After having him (8 lbs 8 oz and extra fluid, yippie!) I look like I’m 4 mos pregnant still. I was the unlucky few that actually GAINED weight during BF with a son with a huge appetite. I have the same birth pooch my mom always had…so perhaps it is genetic as well. I’m hungry 24/7 where before I had a small appetite and I could drink gallons of water. I suppose it is fairly common still look preggers, I just hear about those lucky girls that go back to stick figures in a minute. ;p

  • Cindy Smith

    Your not alone! I have people ask me all the time if I am pregnant. My husband pastors a church and last sunday alone I had 5 people ask me if I was pregnant or pat my belly. I look like I am 6-7 months prego and my youngest is almost 2. Last summer I was pulled over by state policeman while I had a car full of kids and we were looking at the elk by the road and flood waters. He thought I was a drunk driver but once he pulled me over he looked at my prego belly (NOT) and said oh I am sorry your obviousely not under the influence and let me off. Any place I go someone asks me. I tell them nope just fat! With a big smile. I need to cut soda out of my diet and get on my treadmill.

  • zarah

    Ive been geting so depressed about my tummy. Its so so embarassing when people ask me when my baby is due or how far gone am i. Im a size 10 and 5ft 8 so my weight isnt the issue. I have a daughter of 7 and a son of 2 and to be honest my stomach hasnt been right since the birth of my little girl 7 years ago! My arms and legs are skinny so it makes it far worse as if i was fatter all over then my stomach would probably blen in with the rest of me. I would LOVE to have surgery but i dont have the cash so i guess i will just have to suffer till i win the lottery or something!!!
    I used to be really confident and wear a bikini on the beach but now i try everything to try to hide away. Wish there was something i could do from a sad and fed up mum Zarah x

  • Treece

    I am 50 years old and get asked all the time when I am due. While I’ll take the compliment of looking young enough to have a baby, on the other hand I am usually in tears after someone asks. I’ve always had a bit of a belly, but as I get older it gets bigger and bigger. Nothing else on my body is fat, I have very skinny legs and arms. I have tried everything to get rid of it. Went to several different docs and they can’t figure it out. It is so embarrassing. I really hate leaving the house anymore and forget about trying to find clothes to fit. My belly is probably a size 14 and my butt and legs are like a size 2. I look so abnormal. I want to win the lottery too so I can get this massive thing under cut off!!!!!! I tell people I have A.O.F. Syndrome (which stands for ass on front). I had to make up a name for it.

  • suzy

    I get asked all the time! I still look 5 months pregnant after 18 months. I’ve only had 1 child and my muscles stretched so much they never went back. I have no confidence and my posture and back are hideous! I hate people who stare.

  • MrsDre

    My youngest is 2 1/2 and I look pregnant….. I was recently diagnosed with having an abdominal hernia. In late february I had it repaired. I was under the impression that after the surgery I would lose this belly……NOT!! I still hate the way I look. I wear size 5 jeans and extra large shirt. Is that right? I need some help. I had a guy HIt on me at work because he is”attracted to pregnant women”. Listen 2 me world….I’M NOT PREGNANT!!!

  • Sasha

    I do not get asked if I am pregnant because I have found clothes that hide my stomach and I wear leggings that have tummy control. I have a very lean body but a bloated looking belly! It looks like I am at least 4 months pregnant. I have had 3 kids, ages 7, 4, and 1. I am also about to turn 45….. after my first child I lost my belly right away! After my second, which I had at 40 I just lost my tone abs… then #3 shot it all to hell. I know that if someone asks me if I am pregnant I will cry! I want to do the surgery, but am really scared if something were to happen! I have 3 kids to think about, and if anything happened to me because of vanity, it would be awful. I am trying to accept it. I have a few friends that are back to their fabulous selves, even after having twins… so not fair!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Thanks so much for writing this! I’ve had 4 kids by c-section and still look pregnant many months after #4. It cuts deep when someone asks when my baby’s due. What clothes do people like to deal with this? Any brands that look particularly tasteful?

  • Sasha

    Nicole…. to answer your question about clothes to wear, I find that if you wear something with an empire waist (meaning something that pleats right under where your breasts are, it allows room for your belly to hide in. I always try to wear a tummy control waist cincher when I wear anything! Most waist cinchers have the bone ribbing and sometimes that can hurt a bit…. but I deal with it so that I won’t get any “when are you due” comments. I know it sounds so vain, and so many people say that we should be proud of what our bodies have accomplished (which I am) I just want to feel good about my appearance at the same time! Oh another fabulous kind of top to wear is the three tiered top. Top part is the shortest, then under that is a bit longer, then under that is the longest. I don’t know if I described it correctly, but I LOVE that kind of top because it hides everything and you don’t have to wear any kind of tummy control. Marshalls and TJ Maxx has a ton of that kind of stuff. It is mostly spring and summer kind of wear, but fall and winter is upon us so we can hide under some fabulous bulky sweaters and leggings! Hallelujah!!!!

  • Tracie

    Im 41 and 21 years and 7 months post preg!!! I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren! Almost everyday I get when are you due, havent you had that baby yet, or is it a boy or a girl!!!! Im so fed up with it I could SCREAM!!! Im fairly tall and overweight I admit (all my weight in front) but people should just learn to keep there big mouths shut! Unless you know someone and know for a fact the person is pregnant then you dont ever ask a woman such a personal ??? One of these days I’m going to tell the next person who make a remark that I just lost my baby and make them feel so bad for even asking and I wont care at all how they feel cause obviously they dont care about my feelings!

  • angela

    OOhhhhh i feel all your pain, i have a 7 mth old, had 5 (twins) babies.. and i have been asked soo many times that i must be praying for a boy this time ( i have all girls). horrible.. i have to find a way to get this belly fatty flab down.. i am still nursing, and i am always starving! i love nursing, but am hoping my baby is willing to wean earlier then all my other children just so i can stop feeling hungry all the time.

  • DeeDee

    *sigh* I’m 7 months pp and I was just staring at my bare belly in the mirror tonight in complete disgust! Not only do I have to deal with this loose flap of skin at the bottom of my stomach that just about hangs to my knees (had a c-section) the top half of my stomach looks bloated thus making me still look 4, 5 months pregnant. Its weird because a few months after I had the baby ppl were giving me glowing compliments “Oh my goodness you just had a baby? Wow! You look great!”, I felt great too! Somehow the weight has crept back on and has gone to my stomach and arms!

  • Caryn

    Wow, I too am constantly getting asked when my baby is due when in reality I had him 21 mths ago. I am 35 and have had two c-sections. I was on bedrest with both of them so it was hard to keep extra weight off when you are always laying down. I was really thin before I had kids and now I just feel awful. I only wear a size 8 pants but I’m 30lbs overweight. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or eat I can’t get rid of it. The thing is I’d rather look FAT then pregnant and I don’t understand why my stomach still looks like this. My belly is really rounded and then I have the flabbiness at the bottom. I wish I knew what I could do to get rid of it!

  • Gemma

    My son turns 1 in two weeks time & I still look like I’m six months pregnant. I’ve been asked many times (all by total strangers) if I’m pregnant. Comments like ‘oh your pregnant again’ or ‘whens ur baby due’ as they point at my stomach. I was massive during my pregnancy people asking if I was expecting twins. This made me hate being pregnant & I ate extremely healthy yet gained 3st. My son has never slept 1 solid night in 12 months & most days I feel like a zombie. When my son naps I feel torn between do I exercise or do I sleep!?! I would love to have a second child in the future but worry how huge I will look after a second pregnancy. Why can’t people be more reserved & not say anything unless 100% sure your pregnant. Its so upsetting 🙁

  • Kylie McConnell

    The fact that I’m not alone reasures me so much. I have 4 children oldest 9 youngest 2. all were born by c section. Not only does my stomach protrude beond my breasts ( I’m a dd, so not small) but I Also have a scar going from hip to hip! The scar has created a ledge of fat, it’s awful. I’m dreading summer because I love to cover my body up with large jumpers. I don’t feel comfortable being Intamate with my partner. Iv been on weight watchers, it helped slightly but I’m not sure this will ever disappear!!!! I would love to wear a bikini on a beach again. If any1 has any tips or hints please spill the beans…… eagerly awaiting a reply.. Xxx

  • Amanda

    I’m so tired of it! Everytime I go to get my eyebrows done I get asked. I just keep getting asked. I feel bad enough about my weight, most of which I carry I am my belly. I’ve always had a gut, but it definitely grew when I had my daughter. She’s 18 months now. I work out a few times a week, but that’s all I have time for with a ft job and her waiting for me at home. I’m thinking about joining weight watchters. I wonder if there is something about how I dress that encourages the question. I never really transformed my style after maternity clothes because I ws waiting to loose more weight. I hate going shopping and having to try on bigger and bigger clothes. Ugh. I hate my body.

  • karen

    This is 2mths post baby #4 but after every baby im skinny everywhere but I have a big belly. Not a flabby belly either…think of the commercials asking for money for African children who’s belly’s stick out bc of drinking unhealthy water and starving. My D boobs ( bc im breastfeeding) are nice and big and my face arms legs small but my belly firm looking and absolutely bloated looking sticks out like 4-6mths pregnant. Everyone everywhere comments. I’ve tried starving myself for a day or two, I’ve tried exercising, tried those fat sucker inner wraps, tanks, camis…it only lifts the bloat higher making it surely look more like I am pregnant. I enjoyed getting pregnant again with my other kids 8-10 months after just having one BC I could finally say yes I AM pregnant again but I’ve had 4 in 6 yrs. Im only 24 and im done so that isn’t an option for me again. Too bad though bc once I get pregnant the bloated fat belly disappears within a month or two..and im back to a flat tummy. Until baby grows big enough to start showing

  • Leanne Craner

    I know exactly how u feel:-(

  • Donna

    I am 49 years old with a 24 year old daughter. I work at a job that puts me in the public eye all day long. I get the happy ” Oh my gosh, congratulations!” all the time. I just want to die. I turn red and start stammering that I am not expecting. I hate to be rude, because I truly do believe people are coming from a kind place, I end up sneaking away in tears. I became ill last year and dropped about 20 pounds and still got the comments. I think I’ll stick to being happy and healthy and ignore the fools. Thanks for all your stories. I feel better knowing I am not alone.

  • Harjit Singh

    I’m 23 and have 3 kids (5,2,& 1) and I get this all the time. Granted I weigh more now than I did when I delivered my first son. The problem is I’m not evenly proportioned and my stomach sticks out past my boobs if I don’t suck it in, yet the rest of me hasn’t changed too much. My husband says he doesn’t see it but I know it’s a lie. I’ve even had a coworker whom I’ve worked with for year say I was pregnant. When I told her I was on my period she went on to say that I may be having my period but I’m definitely pregnant. Really takes a toll on my self esteem. People can be so rude.

    • Stacey

      Thank you for sharing Harjit. I totally understand how that feels.

  • Kirsten Papp

    Every holiday season I gain weight on my stomach and that's when people ask if I am pregnant. When I say "no", they either don't believe me or they ask "Well are you trying to concieve?" People can be so incredibly inept. None of that information is anyone's business. I also say, "I don't like talking about that stuff because it makes me upset." I've said that to a few people. You know who you are! NEWS FLASH: IT IS NEVER POLITE TO ASK ANYONE IF THEY ARE PREGNANT OR TRYING TO CONCIEVE. I will also be purposely rude to you if you ask me those questions again. You've been warned!

  • Steffanie

    I had a friend not just assume I was pregnant but also proceed to rub on my stomach in front of a bunch of people. I was mortified. Furthermore, I think some of the other ladies standing around laughted. Tried to hold it together and just shrug it off, but I’m only human. It’s been 2 days since it happened, but I keep thinking about it. I have 2 boys – ages 6 and 2. While some may think it is vain, I think every woman deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful. I know my friend didn’t have ill intent, but I just wish, wish, wish that she hadn’t done what she did.

  • Tabitha

    I’m about 115lbs and 5″7, skinny all over but my dang stomach sticks out like I’m preganent. Looks like I’m about to have one, and after I eat it gets hard. Went to pick up pizza the other day but went into the grocery store first and bought a bunch of snack stuff (game night) and the pizza guy thought I was preg because of the bag of snacks I was carrying. Said woah you got some crazy cravings how are you staying so skinny all over?

  • Annie

    I had to laugh at your top ten list, not because I thought it was funny, but because I can totally relate! I thought I was the only one, because quite honestly I don’t know anyone personally with this issue besides me. I see other women who have given birth more recently than me and they have flat bellies! I am 7 months post partum and still look about 5 months pregnant. I have a friend who is 26 weeks and she looks smaller than me! This is after I have been working out daily for the past 3 months as well. My belly has shrunk a little because my clothes fit differently, but not enough to keep the “are you pregnant” questions at bay. It was fine when my son was younger and I had him with me, but now that he’s a little older I’m getting asked even when he is with me! Had this same issue with my first son, but my belly was a bit smaller by now that time around. It never fully went away but I felt like I could at least wear semi-normal clothing. I was always super skinny before having babies and they sure took a toll on my body. I feel like I look like this partly because of how I looked pregnant and how much they stretched me. I had quite an odd shaped belly that was super low and straight out. People would always ask if I was having twins. Anyways, I’m down to my pre-pregnancy weight but this belly isn’t going anywhere. The rest of my body is trimmed and little but I guess I just have to learn how to deal with the comments because they will never stop. People are just too nosy and too insensitive to mind their own business!

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