Grateful to be an Official Oprah Blogger (and 2nd Photo Shoot with Oprah)

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Lifeclass Webclass.. Oprah and Stacey Weckstein

Evolving Stacey and Oprah ~ We Are Destined to Work Together

I am so grateful to be an Oprah’s Lifeclass blogger. Attending Oprah’s Lifeclass sneak peek plus to two of the live webcasts were not only fun and exciting, they was also an opportunity for me to have some really BIG Ah-Ha Moments.

My Calling

Back in 2009, I discovered my calling, which is to help mindful and inspiring people empower the world (primarily women) using the power, magic, and karma of social media. My calling is about connecting and engaging with people who want to live their best lives.

The moment I discovered this calling, I started creating an exit plan to leave my boring unfulfilling Corporate America job so I could fully honor my calling. Oprah says one’s calling is not necessarily part of someone’s career, but in my heart I know my career is definitely part of my calling.

Oprahs Lifeclass - Evolving Stacey and Oprah

Evolving Stacey and Oprah

Big Ah-Ha Moment During Oprah’s Lifeclass

Last week I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclass, Lesson 6: Who You Were Meant to Be – Everybody Has a Calling, and realized the greatest way I can use my life in service to myself and in service to the world is to support all of the new work Oprah and OWN are doing – specifically with OWN Digital since I know my calling is connected to social media marketing and online interactive engagement.

THIS is how I can use my life in service to myself and to the world. The feeling is strong (more like a brick wall and less than a whisper). This is what I am meant to do. Being at the two webcasts shined light onto my calling. When I was at Harpo Studios is when I felt most alive.

After Oprah's Lifeclass Webcast

(L to R) @SassyMomChicago, @MomonaShoe, @SecndCitySoiree,        @EvolvingStacey, @Oprah, @Daspilar, @FamiliesLoop, @WindyCityMomma

Oh…What the Heck…Go For It Anyways

During one of Oprah’s Joy Rising webcasts, Iyanla Vanzant encouraged everyone to use this mantra:

Oh…What the Heck…Go For It Anyways

Own TVAnd that is exactly what I did and will continue to do. I contacted two of the amazing women I met at Harpo Studios explaining my calling and how being part of OWN’s mission would allow me to use my life in service to myself and in service to the world.

My heart soars just thinking about the possibility of continuing to work with the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Stay Tuned!


Photo Credit: Photos are courtesy of Harpo Studios.

Share Your Six-Word Memoir with Oprah

O Magazine OprahEverybody has a story, and Oprah and SMITH Magazine are inviting you to share yours. Inspired by the Six-Word Memoir project, Oprah is inviting you to wrap up your life in six well-chosen words.

To play along, enter your story here  by Nov. 11, and it could be featured in an upcoming issue of O or on

Here’s my six-word memoir that I submitted:

Live Big.

Oprah’s Life Class – Lesson 5: Joy Rising (The Car Giveaway)

Oprah Reflects on the Famous Car GiveawayWhen was the last time you felt pure JOY?

Have you ever wanted to have that Oprah moment, when you could give big things to people that deserve it the most?

I’d love to be able to be in a room full of hard working moms that are doing their best to pay the bills, put food on the table, and raise their children and say “You get a spa vacation…and you get a spa vacation and you get a spa vacation”.

Even more spectacular would be for me to be able to say “You get a year’s salary to stay home with your children…and you get a year’s salary to stay home with your children, and you get a year’s salary to stay home with your children, and you get a year’s salary to stay home with your children”.

That would be a magical day!

Oprah’s Lifeclass Questions

In lesson 5 of Oprah’s Lifeclass, Oprah asks us to really reveal our true essence of joy by providing us with these four questions

1. What’s the smallest joy you had today?

2. What’s one good thing you have to share with someone else?

3. When was the last time you felt pure joy—with no guilt? Describe the moment. How can you have more of that?

4. When was the last time you were surprised by joy?

My Joy Rising Answers…

1. The smallest joy I had today was listening to my son breathe while he was sleeping this morning.

2. One good thing I have to share with someone else is how alive I feel blogging and live tweeting for Oprah’s Lifeclass!

3. The last time I felt pure joy—without guilt—was when I was live tweeting at Harpo Studios during one of Oprah’s webcasts. I can continue to have more of that kind of joy by pursing even more of my dreams, by living my purpose, and by being of service to the world.

4. I was truly surprised by joy I felt when I was at Harpo Studios. My joyful energy was too much for my body to contain.

When was the last time you felt pure JOY?

Oprah’s Lifeclass – Lesson 3: You Become What You Believe (Live from Harpo Studios)

Oprah's Lifeclass QuotesPart One: At Harpo Studios Before the Live Webcast

I have been so excited to be in Oprah’s live studio that I literally had to meditate every morning this week just to contain all the joyful energy dancing inside of my body.

Bright Clothes Are Required

The entire experience started around 2:30pm when I went shopping for my required “bright” top to wear to the event. Most of my tops are black, so I picked a purple sweater to wear Wednesday night. By 4:30pm I drove down to Harpo Studios, giving myself plenty of time to manage Chicago’s afternoon traffic.

Purple Shirt

My Very Purple Shirt

At 5:30pm I check in at security, received my Harpo Studios visitor badge, and connected with my sister bloggers @MissLori and @Momonashoe.

Harpo Studios Name Tag

My Harpo Studios Name Tag

Meeting Sheri Salata

After checking on FourSquare, we met the president of Harpo Studios and the star of Oprah Behind the Scenes, Sheri Salata. She is so friendly, calm, and down to earth considering all of the pressure she is under to help OWN succeed.

Sheri Salata

Sheri Salata & Evolving Stacey At Harp0 Studios

Hanging Out in the Green Room

At 6pm, our amazing “point of contact” greeted us and took us into the green room (which, by the way, is never green). We relaxed, watched the Rosie show (live), and heard some behind the scenes scoop about Harpo Studios.

One thing I learned…Oprah tweets her own tweets. So if you are following her, know it’s the real deal!

Oprah's Lifeclass WebcastAround 6:20pm we went into the studio.

It was intimate and small than what it looks like on TV. My heart jumped a beat when I saw my name on a reserved seat (it doesn’t take much to make me feel special). We sat just in front and to the right of the producers table so we could access their plugs to charge out mobile devices (iphones, ipads, laptops, etc).

By 6:30pm we were watching Wednesday night’s episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass “Becoming What You Believe”.

Oprah's Lifeclass Lesson 3: You Become What You Believe

Ah-Ha Lessons From the Show: You Become What You Believe

Here are the top ten lessons Oprah shared during the show…

  1. Believe you are worthy.
  2. It is your birthright to be happy.
  3. Visualization works if you work hard.
  4. Visualize your success and then take action!
  5. Society doesn’t get to choose what you believe in.
  6. Begin to unleash the beautiful and dark beliefs living inside of you.
  7. Hold on to your beliefs. They are precious gems and maps to your soul.
  8. Once you know what you believe, don’t let anything or anyone compromise it.
  9. Don’t give up! YOU are a genius! Get ready to watch your dream unfold.
  10. Listen quietly to what you believe in and to what your ideas are. You just may have a gem hidden inside your thoughts.

I loved being in the studio.

When I was at the studio, I knew I was born to be there, helping Oprah and her team, inspire the world with the magic of social media.

After we watched the show, we had a 20 minute break and the producers prepped us for the live webcast. They told us we could raise our hands and ask questions during the webcast!

I had no idea what kind of question I would ask, but I immediately knew I would not let this opportunity pass by!

And Then I Met Oprah

My next post will be all about the webcast and how I got to meet Oprah!


My Photo Shoot with Oprah!

The details and my reflections will be posted soon. For now, I just want to say….

Hey Mom and Dad! Look at Me with Oprah!

We are all energy.
“You are responsible for the energy you create for yourself,
and you are responsible for the energy that you bring to others.”
~ Oprah ~

Oprah’s Lifeclass – Lesson 1: The Power of False Ego

On Monday, I started Oprah’s Lifeclass with 1+ million people. My vibration for this new show is on overdrive since I have the honor of being one of 15 official “Oprah’s Lifeclass Bloggers”, which gives me an opportunity to be at Harpo Studios this Wednesday to live tweet during Oprah’s webcast.

Back to Monday Night…

The excitement started to build as I read tweets from sister bloggers @BethRosen, @MJTam, and @DuongSheahan, who were tweeting live at Harpo Studios Monday night.

Next, I headed to Oprah’s Lifeclass Wall and answered my first two Lifeclass questions:

Oprah’s Lifeclass Questions

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be–and why?

Oprah Wall

Where does your ego get in your way?

Oprah's Wall 2

Tweeting during the show and during the live webcast was like being at a Twitter Party with Oprah. It was fast, engaging, soulful, and exposing. I wasn’t tweeting from the mind Monday night, I was tweeting from the soul.

Ah-Ha Moments

Here are some of the ah-ha quotes from the show/webcast that I soaked up & tweeted Monday night…

  1. “I am not the shape of my body”. ~ @Oprah #oprahslifeclass
  2. “Perfect body size/weight will not make me better.” ~ @Oprah #OprahsLifeclass #FalsePowerOfEgo #OWN
  3. “It’s never too late to discover who you really are.” ~ @Oprah #OprahsLifeclass
  4. “No thing has ever defined who you are.” @Oprah #OprahsLifeClass
  5. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? #OprahsClassLife
  6. Amazing life lesson from Eckhart Tolle: Enjoy the journey and the totality of your life experience! #oprahslifeclass

In the Raw

And here are some of the raw, naked, honest tweets I posted during the show/webcast as I was experiencing my own ah-ha moments…

  1. Ugh…I have a personal desire to be thin. I guess that’s #MyEgo. Something to meditate on. #Oprahslifeclass
  2. Oh @Oprah, I’m a food addict too. #Oprahslifeclass
  3. Great question from @bethrosen: Is Facebook all about ego? What do you think? #Oprahslifeclass
  4. Have you ever NOT gone to an event b/c you feel too fat? I’m guilty. #MyEgo got the best of me. #OprahsLifeclass
  5. #myego wants me to eat a lot of unhealthy food. That’s my ego trying to sabotage my body, mind, & spirit. #OprahsLifeClass
  6. When my ego flares, is it #MyEgo or am I highly sensitive? Is there a difference? #OprahsLifeclass
  7.  Ego = Fear. I eat when my fear energy gets the best of me.
  8.  It feels like my ego often tries to sabotage my authentic self. #OprahsLifeclass
  9. How do we find our authentic self? I meditation, walk in nature & write. #oprahslifeclass
  10. Okay Twitter, here I am in the raw. I am a highly sensitive food addict ready to live my best life. #FeelingNaked #MyEgo #OprahsLifeclass

Whoosh…I’m feeling pretty naked right about now.

My Lessons Learned

  • My ego has been sabotaging my desire to eat healthy and be fit. My ego is comfortable being overweight and not exercising, it has no desire to change, and will protest every step of my getting fit journey.
  • My ego is not going away, but I can choose to observe it, acknowledge it, and not allow it to control my eating habits.
  • It’s okay to tell the blogosphere that I’m a food addict. It doesn’t define who I am. Mindful people won’t judge me. My honestly may even inspire someone.

 Daily Life Work

Want to explore this topic and see what you uncover? Answer Oprah’s question in your very own Daily Life Work’s online journal:


Oprah’s All-New Lifeclass is for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Lessons that Matter Most

For all Oprah fans that love her for her spirit, wisdom, and soulful lessons, you will NOT want to miss Oprah’s Lifeclass. Do you remember Oprah’s historic final show, when she shared the 25 lessons and principles that guide her life? That hour summed up everything I love about Oprah.

Now THAT Oprah is back with an all-new series Oprah’s Lifeclass starting Monday, October 10. During this 5 week series, Oprah will teach the lessons that matter most to her…

  • Guidelines for fulfilling your life’s potential
  • Breaking through barriers
  • Understanding your purpose
  • Letting go of anger
  • How to use JOY to fuel your life
  • Becoming all you were meant to be

Oh…It Get’s Even Better!

During the series’ premiere week, Oprah’s holding LIVE online discussion each night on Facebook and Oprah will be chatting online with fans and answering questions about the series in front of a small studio audience.

There’s even going to be an iPad app for this series! Here’s more information from Oprah herself:

OMG…This is Where it Gets REALLY Exciting for Me!

Oprah Blogger Last Thursday I was at Harpo Studios meeting with the executive producers of Oprah’s Lifeclass (I love how that sounds). I was able to view a sneak peek of the series, which made me fall in love with Oprah all over again. In addition, I was invited to be a part of Oprah’s live audience next week and be a behind the scenes blogger for the series (more about this in an upcoming post).

Stay tuned! I can’t wait to see how this adventure unfolds!

See your own sneak peak of the show below, check out the OWN channel finder to find OWN in your area, and be sure to set your DVR for this JOY RISING series.

Join Oprah Winfrey on Twitter LIVE Tonight During Season 25, Behind The Scenes

Love Oprah? Tonight you’ll have an opportunity to tweet with her.

Oprah on Twitter

For the first time, Oprah Winfrey will join a LIVE virtual Tweetup at 8pm Eastern tonight. She will interact live with viewers as they watch the all-new “Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes” episode to share her candid thoughts on the show.

To participate, you can Tweet @oprah and use hashtag #OprahLiveTweet.
Oprah Twitter