Self-Honesty is…

Self-HonestyI’ve been spending the afternoon preparing for a class I’m teaching tomorrow all about Self-Awareness and Self-Honestly. And it’s really pulling at my heart.

According to the Path of Self Love School, self-awareness is knowing who you are… and who you are not. And self-honesty is the willingness to look at your life and be honest about where it’s in alignment with who you are… and where it’s not.

This is both exciting and scary.

Self-honesty is exciting because when you are honest with yourself, you can make new choices and take courageous action to align your life with your heart and soul. And it’s also scary… because staying honest and true to yourself may require big changes in your life (change in your career, relationships, etc). And that can be super scary.

I’m in that scary place right now regarding some of my partnerships. If I stay, it will be out of alignment with my heart and soul. So I’m doing exactly what I would tell my clients to do, I’m being gentle with myself. I’m taking it one step at a time, and as Karen Drucker sings, I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go.

It even feels scary + vulnerable to be revealing this to you. But the freedom and joy I feel from speaking my truth and being heard, far exceeds the fear.

The magic comes when we reveal our truth in ways that feel safe and supported.

Remember, it is your birth right to live your life in alignment with your heart and soul. This is not selfish. This is your birth right.

May you always know who you are at your core.
May you always embrace your truth (even when it’s hard).
May you continue to live in more and more alignment with your heart and soul.

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