The Best Mother’s Day Gift – Listen To Your Mother

March 3, 2014

Although I am STILL covered in snow, here in Chicago, I know SPRING is on its way. I am slowly hearing birds chirp and my neighbor keeps promising me it’s almost here.  I am dreaming of green grass, bike rides, tank tops, flip flops, and simply basking in the sun with my morning cup of […]

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Ending Newborn Deaths + Ensuring Every Baby Survives #FirstDay

February 25, 2014

According to new research published today by Save the Children, the first 24 hours of a child’s life are the most dangerous, with more than one million babies dying each year on their first and only day of life. This new report, “Ending Newborn Deaths” shows one half of first day deaths around the world […]

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All For Schools

February 24, 2014

I was invited to go “behind the scenes” of a new online fundraising platform for schools called All For Schools. The site allows parents (and relatives, friends, alumni, faculty, and admin) to raise funds for their children’s school by purchasing Groupon deals, shopping with retail partners, and downloading coupons. When you purchase a Groupon deal […]

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We Want to Rock Our Kissimmee, Florida Vacation! #RockYourVacation

February 22, 2014

My Family is Ready to Rock Our Kissimmee, Florida Vacation Like a VIPs… Which is why we created this 15 second video and entered the “Rock Your Vacation” Instagram contest. In our video, my boys acted out how we would rock a Central Florida vacation by highlighting a few of the things we’d do if […]

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Are You Being a Good Friend… To Yourself?

February 13, 2014

3 Questions and Daring Acts for Making Sure You Receive the Love You Need, From Yourself Gust Post by Christine Arylo Be kind to others. Show up and be supportive. Be there unconditionally and without judgment when your friends are having a hard time. Tell your friend the truth, even when it’s hard. Remember to […]

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I Asked for Intentional Blogging and the Universe Sent me Deepak Chopra

February 3, 2014

I Have Been Invited to Join Team Chopra! It’s funny what happens when you pause, go deep, set an intention, and create a crystal clear vision for your life. Magical things happen. I promise. Here’s a perfect example. During the dreaming month of January, I spent 4 days in Sea Ranch, California dreaming and visualizing […]

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Into The Mystic

January 22, 2014

What are you doing to let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic? How do you want to rock your gypsy soul? Into the Mystic by Van Morrison   We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic Hark, now […]

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Equanimity… Returning to a Place of Stillness

January 14, 2014

Equanimity During the month of January, I am embracing the frequency of equanimity. Meditative. Peaceful. Still. Silent. Inward. Mysterious. Detached. The Visionary Dreamer. I will be going deep TO REMEMBER what I am here to joyfully create and experience. TO REMEMBER exactly how I am meant to serve. According to Shinzen Young… Equanimity in your […]

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SELARAS is a Health, Hygiene and Hand Washing Program For Newborn Survival in Indonesia

December 21, 2013

During my trip to Indonesia, I was able to meet with Bandung District’s First Lady, the Head of the District Health Office, and the District Health Office Deputy. Save The Children’s SELARAS program is very complimentary to their mission to improve community health through improved environment sanitation at home, improve access to clean water, latrines […]

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Documenting the Importance of Frontline Health Workers

December 20, 2013

My trip to Indonesia with Save The Children is being spotlighted on MomBloggersForSocialGood.com. Being a Social Good Mom is by far one of the most rewarding aspects of being a blogger. “If you have been following us on Twitter you might have seen our posts about one of our members who is currently in Indonesia […]

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