Last weekend my son had his Bar Mitzvah and I had
the opportunity to share these words of wisdom with him.

My Speech To My Son At His Bar Mitzvah

I have a few words of wisdom to share with you…
and to no surprise they have to do with Being Only Love.

My Speech To My Son At His Bar Mitzvah

You are kind, caring, generous and patient.
Your honest, compassionate and grounded.

As you embrace these qualities and move into your teenage years…
Move slowly.
Be intentional.
Be alert and aware.

Build a strong relationship with your inner wisdom – your inner guidance – and always trust your intuition over peer pressure and conventional wisdom.

Don’t take life too seriously.
Laugh often.
Be silly.

Allow your gifts and inner light to shine as brightly as humanly possible.

Simply put – Just Be YOU.

And by the time you are standing up at your child’s bar or bat mitzvah…
may you have already gone on endless adventures,
may you be living in alignment with your heart and soul desires, and
may you be sharing your gifts in a way that brings you expanded feelings of joy and true prosperity.

May you illuminate, inspire, and radiate the essence of who you truly are…
which of course is Love.
Only love.


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