Whole Foods Market Now Has Meatless Mondays!

As a Whole Foods Market Philly brand ambassador, I’ve been participating in Meatless Mondays… and this is too good of a deal not to share!

Each Monday from 4-7 pm, at the Hot Bar and Salad Bar, you can get a plateful for meatless choices for only $8/plate (lid must close)!

Not having to worry about cooking dinner every Monday (and still knowing I’m eating healthy food) has made me very very happy.

Look at All of This Yumminess…

Whole Foods Market Meatless Mondays!

That is a lot of food for only $8!

Some of the meatless options I’ve tried at the Wynnewood, PA store include: black eyed peas, collard greens, vegetable medley, Caribbean corn and beans, garlic green beans, smoked jackfruit, vegan smokey lentils, roasted broccoli, Asian cucumber & carrot salad, chili orange glazed sweet potato wedges, BBQ tofu, tofu cacciatore, and teriyaki tofu.

Meatless Recipes…

Although I’ll be the first to admit, that I like other people to prepare my food, I have decided to be daring and cook up some new meatless meals for my family.

Here are 3 meatless meals I’ll be trying thanks to 3 of my Philly Social Media Mom friends…

Giveaway! $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Card…

In celebration of Meatless Mondays, I’m giving away one $50 Whole Foods Gift Card!

Still Evolving

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Whole Foods Market Philly. I am being compensated as an ambassador and am receiving products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Showing 32 comments
  • Marci

    I love everything about WF, especially the bulk bins of dried beans!

  • Cathy Chester

    We love Whole Foods but it isn’t around the corner. I’d love to be close enough to take part in Meatless Monday. We are trying to eat more vegetarian. Winning a contest for Whole Foods I hope you pick me!

  • Katy Kozee

    Those bulgur taco bowls look great. All 3 of my grown kids are vegetarians and I like to keep some recipes on hand to make them happy. This is just the ticket and taking them to Whole Foods on Monday is a great idea too!

  • Alana

    My favorite meatless meal is a cottage cheese with whole wheat matzoh meal patty, sauteed, then baked with tomato sauce and topped with cheese. I’ve eaten it for years and its official name is lost in the mists of time.

  • Shanon

    I look forward to trying some of those recipes!

  • Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen)

    Nom Nom I love black beans and rice!

  • Brittany Gilley

    I love spaghetti squash!

  • Jeanine @MommyEntourage

    I love a Greek Salad with falafel!

  • Rosie

    My fav meatless meal is veggie lasagna. I change it up depending on the season and don’t have an exact recipe, but it always seems to come out really good and everyone loves it!

  • Elena

    My favorite meatless meal is lentil soup

  • Barbara Feldman

    Great ideas. I’ve always thought of their buffet as a lunch option, but you’re right, why not dinner?

  • Haralee

    Looks like Good stuff. At home I love a quick veggie stir fry with Chinese noodles. Makes my meatless Mondays yummy.

  • Steven weber

    I love eggplant Parmesan the most!!

  • Kenya F

    My favorite is lentil soup. I once made one that tasted almost exactly like Panera. it was delicious!

  • natasha lamoreux

    I like using eggplant and spagetti squash on place of meat and pasta.

  • Gina B

    Oh that’s easy – eggplant parmagian! In my Italian family, we consider it a Christmas treat, but man, is it good! I wish my family would eat eggplant or other meatless meals – they are pretty much all carnivorous, LOL.

  • Krista M

    I love portabello mushroom caps stuffed!!

  • Priscilla S.

    My favorite meatless meal is black bean and roasted corn tacos.

  • Laura J

    Oh one of my favorites is a meatless 3 bean Chili!

  • HS kraftmaking

    I love Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna .

  • sandra

    Eggplant pizza

  • Tina W

    I love Eggplant Parmesan.

  • maleficent m

    my favorite meatless meal is spinach cheese balls with pasta.

  • Lauren

    I like tofu stir-fry.

  • Kim Henrichs

    Breaded baked cauliflower with sriracha mayo!

  • Terri Irvin

    I love to make tofu burgers served with a giant green salad for dinner. Yum!

  • Kris O.

    My favorite meatless meal is a huge salad loaded with veggies and my favorite veggie burger crumbled on top.

  • Natalie

    My favorite meatless meal is a veggie stir fry with rice and teriyaki sauce!

  • Ellen Casper

    I love eggplant parmigiana.

  • Jennifer Marie

    We like breakfast for dinner: oatmeal, toast, and fresh fruit!

  • Gina B

    Vegetarian Lasagna is my favorite! But I also love Eggplant Parmagian 🙂

  • Thomas Murphy

    I like lasagna.