Have you ever known intuitively what others might not know?

This is your intuition – part of your feminine wisdom. Sometimes our intuition goes against conventional wisdom – and that’s okay! Don’t let conventional wisdom (or what “society says”) dim your intuitive heart knowing.

Let your intuition shine!

Here’s a personal example. My intuition is telling me to write shorter blog posts… more like the length of a Facebook post. However “conventional wise” (meaning Google and the search engine optimization experts) recommend a minimum of 300 words.

According to Yoast (a company I respect that specializes in SEO)…

“A blog post should contain at least 300 words in order to rank well in the search engines. Long posts will rank more easily than short posts. However, long posts require strong writing skills. Not every writer will be able to write readable blog posts of more than 1000 words. Still, these lengthy blog posts are of great importance for your SEO strategy.”

My intuition says – keep it short yet inspiring. The experts say if I write a really long blog post (1000 words or more), I’ll have a higher chance of ranking well in Google.

I want people to find my blog.
I want to go grow my visibility.
And still, I will follow my intuition… and keep my blog posts short.

Would longer blog posts possibly bring more “traffic” to my blog? Yes.
But it’s not aligned with how I desire to bring my message to the world.
I’m not just looking for “traffic” – I’m looking for real, authentic, soul to soul connections.

Instagram inspiration to help me follow my intuition…

pintuitionphoto credit: Elyse FalzoneDana Alawi, and love.light.summer.

What is your intuition telling you?

Are you able to slow down enough to hear what your inner wisdom – your intuition – is trying to say to you? Are you following your heart-knowing?

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  • Marianne Soucy

    Thank you for this inspiring post, Stacey. I have been following my intuition much more the last couple of years, and I have found that I get the best results when I follow my intuition, also when it comes to writing.

  • Lore Raymond

    Your blog today captures what has been on mind as well! I seek all the things you do and have researched word counts for effective blogs. It was too much. Everyone had an opinion…300 words, 1000 words. Like you, I just write what’s on my heart. When I do that, I find readers respond. Now, I only count words when I have a story submission for a book. PS Lovely energy here with your colors and graphics!

  • Sabra Zay

    I totally agree with following your intuition and with blogging, the beautiful thing is that we all do it differently and that is what makes each one special.

  • Jill Celeste

    As a marketing coach who teaches Authentic Marketing to Lightworkers (like you!), I have to say YES! Follow your intuition, especially as it relates to the length of your blog posts. You have to pursue marketing strategies that are in alignment with your heart (and intuition). If that means, shorter blog posts….then shorter blog posts! Your tribe – the people who are meant to connect with – will love it.

    Best wishes to you! xoxo

  • Barb Parcells

    I love this! Sometimes I have a lot to say, and other times the message is short, sweet and clear. I just sit down and write what comes through me. I never look at the length or worry about how many women I’ll reach. The person who is supposed to read it, will. I trust my intuition and I trust my angel muses!

  • Lea Tran

    The shorter posts probably appeal to your ideal readers. I know I like short and sweet stories. There is a skill in making things succinct. But yeah,totally get the struggle with going with your heart versus what the experts recommend.

  • Suzie Cheel

    I love your reference to Yoast- I feel exactly the same way- BTW I turned off all the yoast suggestestion as I felt i was writing for a machine mot from my heart I love my intuition it guides me big time as long as i listen feel and follow. thanks xx

  • Sheila Callaham

    I love this: “Intuition was her greatest super power!” That’s me! Just this morning I was heading out the door to go pick something up for which I would need to write a check. I had everything in hand and was walking out the door when a heart nudge said that I should make sure there were checks left in the checkbook. Guess what?! No checks! I love my intuition — she has a connection to Universal wisdom. How do people live without being connected to their intuition?