February 13, 2013 Evolving Stacey

Cup of Self Love

I want to start painting again. Here’s a painting I did two years ago in honor of Madly In Love With ME Day.

Fill Yourself Up with Love.

self love

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Evolving Stacey Hi! I'm Stacey. Thanks for being here. Like you, I wear many hats these days. I'm a mom raising two amazing boys, a PR friendly blogger writing about living my best life - body, mind, heart, and soul, an online community engagement coach helping soulful entrepreneurs ignite their online tribes... and the founder of The Evolving Women's Circle. The world is changing and I'm on the transition team. I hope you'll join me as I gather women to share, witness, engage, ignite, activate, and grow with me. xoxo

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  1. Staci

    This morning I was thinking that the person I’ve been waiting for all of my life is ME – I needed a pic to match this thought this morning and found your painting all over the internet – what a way to spread the word of self love.

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