I want to start painting again. Here’s a painting I did two years ago in honor of Madly In Love With ME Day.

Fill Yourself Up with Love.

self love

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Evolving Stacey
Evolving Stacey
Social Media Mom. Founder of The Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood. Transformational Self Love Coach. Holding Sacred Women's Circles. Leading Inspiring Blog Campaigns. Igniting Online Tribes. Choosing Only Love. I love invitations to partner and collaborate! And love learning about inspiring PR friendly opportunities.
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  • Alexandra

    What a sweet visual.

    Thank you.


  • Staci

    This morning I was thinking that the person I’ve been waiting for all of my life is ME – I needed a pic to match this thought this morning and found your painting all over the internet – what a way to spread the word of self love.

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