Hi! Whoosh, It’s been a busy month for me as I continue to be more and more visible… serving the medicine of self love + feminine wisdom to courageous women around the world.

Courageous women are gathering!

I’ve been working behind the scenes with Christine Arylo, on ways to support women who want to COURAGEOUSLY follow their hearts and do things differently. It’s what Christine is calling… daring to follow your CRAZY wisdom.

Courageous Women are Gathering

Embrace your crazy wisdom!

First of all, what others may refer to as crazy… is really our intuition speaking to us. It’s inviting us to make daring life choices in our work, relationships, home, money and health.

Also… sometimes taking action, and following our heart’s intuition with full trust, can be scary. And while it may be scary, there are way we can muster up the courage to take action.

Therefore, I’m excited to invite you to a free virtual gathering that Christine Arylo is holding. It’s all about helping unleash your courage to follow your heart’s wisdom and soul’s path.


If you can’t attend the circle live, still RSVP so we can include you in the circle + send you the recording.

At this super-powered gathering, you will:

  • Name and claim your fear + faith “edge” with courage. When you name the edge you are standing at you gain super power to leap over it.

  • “X-Ray” your heart to reveal the unique fear force hiding out inside of you. Fear is the most dangerous when you can’t see it, so you’ll reveal the fear, so you can alchemize it and elevate beyond it.

  • Tell the difference between making choices from masked fear + blind faith vs. rooted faith + courageous wisdom. Make wise and courageous choices, instead of reactions that lead to self-sabotage or self-sacrifice.

  • Choose + Commit to an Inspired Set of Courageous Crazy Wisdom Actions to Complete this Year. Turn procrastination and distraction into focused, inspired action.

  • In addition, you will identify + give yourself the support systems you need. Most of all, you will conjure up the courage to hear your crazy wise wisdom and take action to stay on your soul’s path.

As a result, you’ll learn how to create the reality you desire for your life, work, and relationships – now. One bold, mighty step at a time.


It’s going to be crazy powerful.

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